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Slugs having sex, sounds gooey and boring, right?

SO wrong! Check out the video, I can’t believe how romantic these slugs can be.

Weird how hermaphrodites have sex isn’t it? Sometimes you’re the girl, sometimes he’s the girl, sometimes you’re both the girl… That’s hot.

Have you heard the myth of the hermaphrodite? The word comes from the minor Greek god Hermaphroditus, son of Hermes (god of travellers), and the goddess Aphrodite (of love). One day when Hermaphroditus (a dude with all the expected machinery) was out, a nymph beheld him and fell madly into rapturous love for the boy. He rejected her, but being a strong-minded nymph she waited until he got naked and stepped into a pool and then accosted him – wrapping herself around him and crying out to the gods that they should never part. So the gods merged them into one being, half man, half woman.

You may have noticed a bit of a “theme” coming out from the last few posts… a distinctly sexual theme… Well, consider this the third in a trilogy, and in my next post I’ll move on to some non-sex science (for now, anyway…)