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Happy International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

// September 19th, 2013 // Comments Off on Happy International Talk Like a Pirate Day! // Just for Fun

Ahoy mateys! It be the best day of the year once again! Happy talk like a pirate day!

It’s too late to get your ergonomic pirate keyboard, but add plenty of R’s into your day anyway.

Corsair pirate keyboard

The image is from the Language Log, who weren’t sure who to credit it to. They had a little post about the linguistics of Arrr a few years back. O’course, I highly recommend the Official Talk Like a Pirate Day website for all your piratey needs!

May your timbers shiver and mainsails rise! Arrrr

Astronaut sings Bowie’s Space Oddity – on the International Space Station

// May 19th, 2013 // Comments Off on Astronaut sings Bowie’s Space Oddity – on the International Space Station // Just for Fun

How cool is this? Astronaut Chris Hadfield sings Space Oddity from the International Space Station. He is floating in a most peculiar way, as the guitar spins in front of him.

In another video he talks about having to re-learn guitar in zero gravity, as his brain had to adjust for the lack of weight in his arm. At first, he would overshoot the frets because his arm felt weightless. Plus he would bumping into things while playing.

Chris Hadfield has 17 videos in his YouTube account, showing why you can’t cry in space (well, you can, but it just pools in your eye) and shaking up a can of coke while living on the ocean floor.

When a joke tickles the Broca area in your brain…

// December 30th, 2012 // Comments Off on When a joke tickles the Broca area in your brain… // Just for Fun

Ever wondered what happens when you hear a joke?

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @

Nikola Tesla, the best geek in the world

// July 31st, 2012 // Comments Off on Nikola Tesla, the best geek in the world // Just for Fun

This is the greatest comic I have ever read.

Of course, it comes from that brilliant, somewhat bent mind of The Oatmeal – who’s take on life is always on the most hilarious angle (such as how to have a pet Tyrannosaurus.)

But on this piece he’s a little more serious. He begins with the bold statement that Nikola Tesla was the greatest geek that ever lived, then backs it up with incredible detail into an uncharmed life. His constant hassling from Edison, who first employed him and then never paid what he promised, then sent goons to wreck his work.

And his PLANS – my goodness! I had no idea that Tesla had planned, and started to build, a tower in New York capable of sending electricity through the air to wirelessly power devices. That technology is only just becoming available now, as shown in this TED talk.

Tesla also promoted green electricity back in 1890, while Edison said fossil fuels would last us 50,000 years.

The amount of technology around today that hearkens to his patents is staggering, including remote controls, neon lights and the modern electric motor.

I don’t think we give him enough credit. I think he gets missed! That said, I guess David Bowie did play him in the movie The Prestige alongside Hugh Jackman… and man, is that an honour! Wowzers! Died alone and in debt… but then played by David Bowie! I think that makes up for it in some small way.

Highly recommend you read the whole comic here, and appreciate the brilliant geek that was Nikola Tesla. Thanks, The Oatmeal, for doing such a service to society as to create this comic. Hats off.

Catch the wind with a sailing GPS, arrr!

// April 20th, 2012 // Comments Off on Catch the wind with a sailing GPS, arrr! // Just for Fun

Betsie (adapted, credit USFWS)

‘Twas getting dark and mighty cloudy as I consulted, yet again, the map. An X, in red like clotted blood, marked dead Betsie’s buried treasure. That magnificent cow had plowed these oceans, churning the sea foam to cream, for years beyond her species, yet in the end we all come to naught… She mooed her last moo beneath the moon, and hid this map in her very own cowbell, whence I found it floating in the ocean some two weeks prior.

Apologies, again, for the inconsistencies of my posts. Events such as the Cowbell of 2012 tend to distract.

In any case, I made hasty haste to the udder-shaped island. I soon ran into troubles. I had marked on a dotted line the most direct direction to the treasure, straight as an arrow she flies, and the wind would not have it.

Oh ho ho no, the wind would blow sideways, wouldn’t it.

Then, dear friends, last week I read about a GPS for sailing! Rather than pointing as the crow flies (or in this case, cow), it shows the ideal zigzag to tack, catching the optimum amount of oomph from an errant wind.

By adding in the size of my substantial boat, and the speed of the prevailing wind, it does all the brain work for me to get me to the X quickest. Quite clever. At $399, it’s a steal!

So I followed it, on and on, night and day without pause.

And there she lays, like a speck of cheese, the island.

Before long I was there, on her, traipsing across the lands dotted here and there with milk vetch, all over with long and luscious green grass. Across the hill, through the shrubs, into a lowland meadow, and ah. The cross. Thoughtfully decorated in large cow pats, courtesy of Betsie herself I’d wager, which I carefully avoid with my boots.

Then, with my shovel, I dig.

Down and down, further than you would think possible for a bovine with hooves and not hands, but Betsie and her crew were of a brilliant breed, as all who did battle with those cattle will attest. Down and down, until the stars wink and glitter at me. Down and down and DRING! There it is!

Brass and mahogany, the chest gleams under my lamplight. With shaking fingers I open the latch.

Peeouw! What a whiff!

‘Twas nothing but goat’s cheese.

Well I sealed it, hoisted it up and got back on me boat. Perhaps I can sell it in port, and make me funds back on this awesome GPS (as seen on Gizmodo.)

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