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I’d like to draw your attention to an exciting global action project against deforestation and saving orangutan habitats.

DeforestACTION are sending ten young adults to Borneo to raise awareness about habitat destruction. They will be living in the jungle for five months, saving apes, replanting trees, basically making a phenomenal difference to a struggling ecosystem. Then they’re making a 3D movie about it, I hope it’s as cool as Avatar.

My friend Amelia is applying for the job, and I wanted to share her video with you. I just love the music and animation.

She is the perfect person for the job. I studied Science Communication with her last year, as we traveled around Australia performing science outreach shows for school kids. Like me, she’s done interactive video conferencing with schools. While I was grooving as Anna Tomy, a model skeleton with a Russian accent, she was a savvy crime-solving forensic detective. I lived with her for a month on the road, until we were pretty much the same person. So if you vote for her, you’re really voting for me. Thanks buddy!

She’s even been to Borneo before to help at an orangutan sanctuary. I remember her describing one morning, running with her arms full of bananas while the apes followed, swinging behind and above. When she deposited the food on the platform, trying to minimize human interaction, one of the little ones walked up and put his hand in hers. I swear, she’s like an earth spirit.

View all the applicants here, scroll down to the login section and vote for your fav. It’s a good year for it, 2011 being the International Year of Forests and all. Here’s your chance to make a difference (by voting for Amelia Swan.)