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I stumbled across this site a year or so ago in a maddened frenzy of “oh my god, I want scientific jewelry”. I didn’t actually purchase anything when I found the site, but still thought it was really awesome. It came across my path again just recently, and I just had to do SOMETHING about it.

Short of buying the jewelry myself (still hoping someone might see fit to buy them for me, hint hint Ryan), I figured a blog post would be almost as good. Almost.

Behold, the awesomeness of the jewelry!


Dopamine earings, because dopamine is the love-drug of our minds and makes us feel feelings of pleasure.


Serotonin necklace, hang happiness from your neck!

The creator is Raven Hanna (love the name) and the site is molecular muse. She started out as a scientist, and moved on to making jewelry with a science-slant because no one else was making it. As well as the two images above, she also makes a whole bunch of other stuff, like caffeine, amino acids that spell out words (I think there’s a market for this to make personalised necklaces with your name in amino acids, although there’s a few letters missing we’d have to make up somewhere), and a friendship necklace of DNA base pairs. Awesome.