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Strawberry PieYarr, it be one of the finest days on the calendar – Pi Day! Officially recognised by the eating of pie! Pictured is my apple and berry pie with a crumble topping and strawberry garnish. Not too shabby for a pirate!

We can celebrate Pi Day on the 22nd of July because 22 divided by 7 is a good approximation of pi.

What I love most about Pi Day is not the pie (okay, it is the pie), but it’s also how many different days you can celebrate it. There’s March 14 (which is the most celebrated Pi Day – 3.14 being the first 3 numbers of pi, even though 22/7 is more accurate), March 4 (14% of the 3rd month), April 5 (when 3.14 months of the year has passed), and November 10 (the 314th day of the year).

Thanks maths for the pie.