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Playboy Bunny

These raunchy bunnies make up in style what they lack in size – each one is about a quarter of a millimeter in size, and the bow is the width of a human hair. Made by nanobliss which specialises in carbon nanotubes and silicon, and holds various exhibitions (they also have a nanobama). Find out how it’s done here.


A nanorose made of crystalline wurtzite indium nitride, synthesized via molecular beam epitaxy using pure indium and a high efficient nitrogen source, hydrazoic acid by these guys. And if you know what this means, tell me!


It’s a creepy looking Santa, just in time for Christmas! This guy is definitely small enough to fit down your chimney, or through your keyhole if you don’t have a chimney. Welded over your keyhole? He can fit through cracks in the walls or vents in the ceiling, there’s no escaping nanosanta. He’s been coloured artificially for added creep-out effect.

These images are from the MRS website which runs competitions twice a year. There are plenty more on their website, but these were my favs.