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A massive trove of precious amber, fossilised tree sap, was found last September. The pieces were found on a remote stretch of beach in Cape York, far north Queensland.

The amber comes from an ancient rainforest that must have existed between Australia and New Guinea. Up until now there were almost no remains from that area, because they’re underwater, I guess, and some landlubbers don’t enjoy venturing into the depths. Especially in far north Queensland with the box jellyfish and what not.

Best part is, the amber contains insects preserved a la Jurassic Park. They have found a prehistoric spider, ants, and wasps as well as a brand new species of beetle. Some of the amber has been taken to the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility, where they have scanned the insects and built large scale models. *Want*

The New South Wales University have a press release with pics of the beetle.