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I came across this cool gift for a physicist, or anyone, because they are totally geeky and super cute.


The Particle Zoo have soft quarks, leptons, nucleons, and theoreticals like the Higgs Boson and the Tachyon (which in the X-Files made time-travel possible!). PLUS they have the same range in antiparticles, which are kept on a seperate page to prevent mutual annihilation. They also have a pack for beta decay with a neutron that turns inside out to reveal a proton, and releases an electron, an electron anti-neutrino and a W-Boson.

It’s the attention to detail that really gets me, they are all weighted according to the particle weight, they all have neat stuff, like the W-boson is two sided, one positive (W+) and one negative (W-). For Christmas you can get mini-versions on ribbon as Christmas Decorations – nothing says I’m a massive physics geek than a Christmas tree spotted with quarks.

I think I’ve learned more about particle physics by searching this site than I did after year 12 physics. That wouldn’t be hard though.