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*cough* me throat be sore from all the ARR’s last night, and all the rum! I trust ye all participated in this most excellent of holidays? What did ye do? For my part, I went to a pub which was all in the spirit of the night, bar staff and patrons alike dressed as pirates and talking the talk. There were even a treasure hunt (the prize, free rum!) and a pirate band singing sea shanty’s. Here be some pictures!

Two Pirates and a Parrot
Two pirates and a parrot

The parrot’s older brother, fell into a vat of human growth hormones as a chick

A Pirate and Two Wenches
A very lucky pirate, no parrot on his shoulder, but two gorgeous wenches on his arms

Arr, twas a good night! But the life of Captain Skellett be very busy at the moment! I’ve been involved in an acting class over the past few moons and our final performance be tomorrow. Aye, it be time to practice me monologue! Wish me luck, or to break a leg – though preferably not me peg leg, they be costly to repair.