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Dude this pizza has weed in it

You’d expect it in Amsterdam, but now the trend has reached America. Pizza, lasagna, cheesecake with a good helping of weed. It’s not illegal if it’s medical!

It’s a medical marijuana dispensary slash eatery called Ganja Gourmet, and it just opened in Denver. You need a card from a doctor to buy the food, as written on the tie-dyed shirts of employees “Our food is so great, you need a license to eat it!!!” On the other hand, 90% of the food has been take away for the first week, so how well are they controlling that? According to this, the council is considering making eating or smoking cannabis on site illegal – so take away only. Isn’t that only going to make it worse?

Aside from possible issues in dosage control I think this is a great idea, particularly for people with cancer who feel nauseas and have trouble eating. Plus where does it say we have to take all the fun out of medicine? Do we have to grind everything up into a flavourless pill for maximum un-enjoyment? The health benefits of having fun, laughing and sharing a meal shouldn’t be underestimated, think of clown doctors! And with all the crappy drugs and hospital stays and radiation and chemo and hairloss and all that goes with cancer treatment, they SHOULD get a special pass to a groovy cafe where they can take drugs no one else is allowed to take. There has to be some silver lining!

So take away or dine in, you can have your high and eat it too.

Hat tip to Dr_Leigh on Twitter. Picture from somewhere in Cambodia, not connected to Ganja Gourmet. Apparently they’ve been doing the special topping for a while now!