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This is the greatest comic I have ever read.

Of course, it comes from that brilliant, somewhat bent mind of The Oatmeal – who’s take on life is always on the most hilarious angle (such as how to have a pet Tyrannosaurus.)

But on this piece he’s a little more serious. He begins with the bold statement that Nikola Tesla was the greatest geek that ever lived, then backs it up with incredible detail into an uncharmed life. His constant hassling from Edison, who first employed him and then never paid what he promised, then sent goons to wreck his work.

And his PLANS – my goodness! I had no idea that Tesla had planned, and started to build, a tower in New York capable of sending electricity through the air to wirelessly power devices. That technology is only just becoming available now, as shown in this TED talk.

Tesla also promoted green electricity back in 1890, while Edison said fossil fuels would last us 50,000 years.

The amount of technology around today that hearkens to his patents is staggering, including remote controls, neon lights and the modern electric motor.

I don’t think we give him enough credit. I think he gets missed! That said, I guess David Bowie did play him in the movie The Prestige alongside Hugh Jackman… and man, is that an honour! Wowzers! Died alone and in debt… but then played by David Bowie! I think that makes up for it in some small way.

Highly recommend you read the whole comic here, and appreciate the brilliant geek that was Nikola Tesla. Thanks, The Oatmeal, for doing such a service to society as to create this comic. Hats off.