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As promised, here are pictures from last week (was it really only a week ago?) when I was a Dalek for the RiAus Family Fun Day. So good.

Real Daleks
Daleks running amok in Victoria Square

Andrew Corson
Andrew Corson, the man behind it all

And this pic isn’t a Dalek, it’s a robot called Tubby who strolled around with her baby robot and talked to people in the Square. It was awesomely interactive.

Tubby The Robot

For this dialogue, imagine Tubby as having a very robo voice.
“Hello, my name is Tubby, how are you?”
“I’m good, how are you?”
“Well I’m feeling a little flat, but I’ll be better once I refill my batteries. Which way to the battery recharge?”

Lol, well maybe you had to be there. The full story of my RiAus experiences was blogged about here. It was an awesome weekend, this one has been spent recharging MY batteries. Cooked lots of tasty meals, went to the markets to buy groceries, started getting things ready for my Halloween party, and just watched the 40 Year Old Virgin again. You know the ending when they sing The Age of Aquarius? SexyMan thinks it’s lame but I love it. Who’s with me?