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This is a link to a blog I heartily recommend. It’s written by the tech consultant of The Big Bang Theory sitcom, which ranks higher in Google than the ACTUAL theory of the big bang. It’s understandable. If you don’t watch The Big Bang Theory, how do you live? I’ve been addicted for a mere seven months now, and already I can’t imagine life before it. It’s a geeky comedy about four nerdy guys and one hot girl. There, now you’re up to date and can start watching mid season. Alternatively, watch this snippet about their take on astrology. Lolz.

I find it really interesting to read a tech consultant’s blog (not just because I’m a stalkerish fangirl either.) I think it would be a cool job to research random information to help people write witty reparte. You know what, if you need any witty reparte written for you, e-mail me. We’ll talk.

The latest post
is about the stars in our neighborhood. And to top it all off, it even had some sesame street in it. Now if THAT ain’t a good blog I don’t know what is!

In fact I think I should emulate the awesomeness…

Nah. Just YouTube it.