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I just got back from Melbourne, and it seems I can’t even take a five day holiday anymore! My blog, which I carefully wrote two posts set to be published while I was away, decided to partially delete itself. I lost the two posts I was planning to publish, and the AWESOME one about gender selection and the SRY gene, as well as my 100th comment in one fell swoop! Deleted! Gone! And I, a mere n00b at blogging, without so much as a word doc back up. I’m lucky I only lost three posts I suppose.


I’m sure you are familiar with this… you start off smug and pleased with yourself for being so prepared, trusting blindly that things will happen as they should, and then the universe turns around and screws you from behind! Well Universe, you can just walk the plank with shivered timbers because I am being much more back up savvy now and next time you try and pull a fast one I’ll screw YOU over from behind. See how you like THEM APPLES!

The post on gender selection I will redo at some point, but I’ll have to dig deep into my memory banks first. The other two posts were pretty minor, so I can whip those up pretty quick, no harm done. The loss of comments bugs me the most, because they were so GOOD and I loves comments more than plunder… Lab Rat and Psi*Psi, I drank to ye both for the comments. They may be lost to the grim blackness of Davy Jones, but I they’ll always have a place in me chest.

Today is Reproduction Wednesday, but I’m still mourning the loss of my last Reproduction Wednesday… and to tell the honest truth I spent the past five days with some family friends and their adorable two year old. Adorable, but energy-consuming, and I’m not particularly fond of the idea of reproduction right now. The whole thing just sounds exhausting.

Instead, let me tell you about the Royal Institute of Australia, which is launching tomorrow! It is the first international affiliate of London’s world renowned Royal Institution of Great Britain, and will be a hub for science communication based in Adelaide. I will be volunteering over the weekend for their Open Day (Saturday) and the Family Fun Day (Sunday) which has an amazing line up of science communicators, including That Science Gang, Dr Rob and Julia, and Rock Chick and the Science Geek. Can’t wait!

Avast me hearties, keep ye treasure safe and bury it.