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If you’re an Australian lady or gent, it’s currently Science Week. It has been since the 15th and I only found out today! WHY DO I ALWAYS MISS IT??? IS THIS BECAUSE I DON’T READ NEWSPAPERS???

It’s not too late though, it’s going until the 23rd so there is still plenty of sciencey goodness to be had, especially if you have a young family as most of the events are geared towards kids. The events and prizes are listed here, and in particular they are giving away prize packs for Up. This is good news, because SexyMan is not too keen on science, but very VERY keen on 3D animation. The logo is pretty sweet too, nice graphic design, check it out.

science week

Use this hallowed week of science to your advantage – go out stargazing, hit up the museum, host a “Brain Break” at work (free quizzes and coasters for all!) If you can do it while dressed as a pirate, send me a picture!