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Do you ever think about your brain? Wonder what’s going on up there, how it all works, how all the billions of things you do every day – make coffee, drink coffee, work to deadlines, get stressed, go out and party, walk down the street – turn from thoughts in your head to actions? Do you ever think about thinking? I bet you do, I know I do. It makes my head hurt sometimes just thinking about it.

Yesterday I stumbled across two awesome articles that gave me some answers.

The first is a very cool background on neurotransmitters and neurons – the actual biochemistry of how your brain works on the small scale. It’s chockful of pretty pictures, and by the fun-to-read Sci at Neurotopia, and it’s the easiest way you’ll learn about neurotransmitters 🙂

The second is about how imperfect your brain is – it’s easy to think about molecular stuff and assume that it all happens on pinpoint precision, like clockwork. How many times have you heard your brain described as a computer? Well, it’s really not – it’s a biological system with plenty of flaws and mistakes, it just happens to have a nice stack of methods to make up for them. Carl Zimmer wrote this awesome article for about how noisy your neurons can be, and how you make sense from all the babble (oh, and his blog is here). It’s one of the most interesting articles I’ve read all year, and blow me down with a feather if it’s not June already.

In other news, I bought a computer today 🙂 A fancy new mac. Now all I need is to connect to the net and there’ll be no need to stay late at work to get my blog on! Man am I excited! And think of all the iTunes and customised backgrounds and icons! Not to mention I can take pictures and do heaps more photoshopping to bring you posts which are better, stronger, faster than before. It’s going to be freaking sweet!