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How Viagra Works

// November 4th, 2009 // 2 Comments » // Drugs, How Things Work, Just for Fun, Science Communication, Sex and Reproduction

Viagra, that little blue pill. How does it work? How was it discovered? What are the side effects? This video answers all your questions about the first ever oral treatment for erectile dysfunction, written, edited and starring yours truly.

How Viagra Works from Captain Skellett on Vimeo.

Erectile dysfunction can be embarrassing for pirates, but don’t let your confidence sink to Davy Jones. Pop a few Big Blue and you’ll soon be saying things like…
Got wood?
The mainsail is ALREADY raised. IN MY PANTS!
This dinghy is four sheets to the wind.
Walk the plank? Walk THIS plank!
If you think Big Blue is for you, please see the ship’s physician

This be me first step into vlog territory, hit me with ANY feedback you have so I can make the next one better. PLEASE COMMENT!

Get your Pirate On – One Week to Go!

// September 12th, 2009 // Comments Off on Get your Pirate On – One Week to Go! // Just for Fun

Talk like a Pirate Day

YARR! Talk like a pirate week be next Saturday, 19th of September. Here be a brief lesson in how to do it right from none other than the men that started it all.

A note – ’tis TALK like a Pirate day, there be no need to dress as such if you ain’t in the mood, BUT YE MUST TALK LIKE ONE!

For ye internet addicts, here be a great link to talk like a pirate internet-wise, as on msn or facebook chat. If ye loves to chat, here be the place to go. Rme<3e! And here be the official site what started it all. All them links above, and this one for Pirate Drink Recipes, be from there, and there be plenty more to see. Arrr!

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