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Arr, how many times have you sailed across the wide ocean seas brimming with bubbling sea life under the silent surface and wondered how AWESOME it would be if the sea was made of slime?

Well wonder no more. Today we makes slime.

Slime is a very useful substance, mostly for turning regular (read: boring) games such as wrestling into much more exciting games, such as slime wrestling. There are plenty of ways to make slime, like you can buy those little packs of ingredients and mix them together like making muffins out of a box. But I sneer at such cookery, I like things old school, and cheap. The results? Messy.

How to Make Slime from Captain Skellett on Vimeo.

The resulting fluid is non-Newtonian, meaning that it’s viscosity is effected by shear. In this case, it is shear thickening, meaning that it gets mighty hard to stir if you try to stir it mighty hard. The other kind is shear thinning, which includes stuff like toothpaste which is easy to squeeze out of a bottle but sticks pretty well to your toothbrush. Newtonian liquids include stuff like water, which don’t care how fast you stir it.

Cornflour, water, and food colouring. Life doesn’t get any simpler than that, and who doesn’t have cornflour that they never used stashed in their kitchen somewhere? I have heard tales of a you tube video where someone fills their pool with this stuff and then runs across it. Yummy. I made this video with a group of friends and we had snacks on the lawn afterward, and there was blue goo EVERYWHERE, all over the ground and people’s clothing’s and towels. SO AWESOME. I heartily recommend it.