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DNA dating websites – the genetics of love

// February 5th, 2010 // 3 Comments » // Just for Fun, Sex and Reproduction

A new brand of “scientific” dating has sprouted up. It draws on an idea wrote about in the Chemistry of Kissing – basically, you have more snap, crackle and pop with someone who has an immune system very different to your own. Through your genes combined, the resulting offspring will have a stronger, more diverse immune system giving them an evolutionary advantage. Now this idea has been monetized to bring you GenePartner DNA Matching, because love is no coincidence.

For $99 US you get a kit so you can take a saliva sample and send it back to them for analysis. Two weeks later you’ll have your results, they’ll build up a profile for you, and you can start finding your perfect genetic match! *love*

What a service they offer too! They match partners based not only on how attracted you will be to them, but also how attracted they’ll be to you.

Plus they give you the probability of a successful pregnancy – which just feels like jumping the gun a bit to me. Really, you haven’t even MET the person and you want to know how likely it is you’ll get pregnant. I understand it’s super-important to some people, but it’s a bit ridiculous to expect a test like this to tell you about such a complicated thing as fertility.

The other bonus they list is that their site will prevent inbreeding. Then again I think the chances of accidentally inbreeding are pretty small. The world’s a big place, and most people know to look for a partner outside of their living room.

Honestly, DNA Dating, what will they think of next? Is there anything else they can cram science into in order to sell love?

Actually it reminds me of Gattaca, where they have booths set up where you can analyse stolen DNA from your lips after a kiss, or from the hair sample you swiped, if you’re that way inclined.

Arr!!! I think there be nothing wrong with the old fashioned method of kissing people, it’s cheaper! Who’s with me?

Discounts on Personal Genome Scans

// July 28th, 2009 // Comments Off on Discounts on Personal Genome Scans // Jibber Jabber, Unethics

I was reading New Scientist this weekend (nerdy, I know) and I came across this – genetic companies are offering personal genome scans. WTF.

Essentially, you provide a saliva sample, and they provide you with a bunch of info about your genetics. Here are some marketing gems. And ’cause I’m starting to learn how lazy people are about clicking through, here are some grabs.

And I quoteth:

deCODE genetics
• For $985 they will scan over one million variants in your genome
• Calculate genetic risk for 18 diseases based on the current literature
• Find out where your ancestors came from and compare your genome with others
• Get regular updates on future discoveries and a growing list of diseases and traits

23andMe is a web-based service that helps you read and understand your DNA for $999. After providing a saliva sample using an at-home kit, you can use their interactive tools to shed new light on your distant ancestors, your close family and most of all, yourself. 23andMe uploads your genome data to a secure database. With your own private login, you can then explore your genome. You can discover your origins, learn what the latest genetic findings may mean for you, and connect genetically with friends, family, and others across the globe.


Did you hear that mateys, you can connect GENETICALLY with people all across the globe! It’s like the new Facebook!

These things have been around for a while, I never thought that people were actually SELLING them until now, but blow me down with a feather if they haven’t been. Wait, there’s more.

Discounts are now available! 23andMe have just started a new $99 version of the genome scanning service, and TruGenetics are offering 10,000 free scans. The catch? You have to “self-report” on your health and allow your genetic info to be used by researchers.

Is anyone else getting a GATTACA flashback? It reminds me of Scrubs too. Season 3, Episode “My Fault” in which Kelso starts offering full body scans to patients. In the words of Dr Cox “I think showing perfectly healthy people every harmless imperfection in their body just to scare them into taking invasive and often pointless tests is an unholy sin.” Although I found Dr Cox got a bit ANNOYING!!! in later seasons, I have to say I agree with him here. Seems like a bad idea, perhaps not an unholy sin (bit dramatic, isn’t it?) but not cool.

Like I told myself today – be a warrior, not a worrier. (That’s quite good, don’t you think! Wrote it myself.) My advice is to just have a mug o’ rum and stop stressing about things you can’t change. Might have to take myself up on that.

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