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Oh, how my heart leapt when I heard about this!

‘Tis a ship of science, just like my own schooner! It is the Beagle Project and it’s rebuilding the tall-ship, the Beagle, which Charles Darwin travelled in before he wrote “On the Origin of Species.”

And I quote…
We aim to rebuild the ship that carried Charles Darwin around the world, starting in Darwin’s bicentenary year of 2009. The new Beagle will sail the world in Darwin’s wake, and will inspire global audiences through unique public engagement and learning programmes, and original scientific research in evolutionary biology, biodiversity and climate change.

The Beagle

Their goals are to inspire audiences to appreciate the adventurous side of science, and also to conduct cutting edge research onboard in a fully functional lab. Plus, did I mention it’s a tallship? An actual ship which travels across the ocean investigating marine science! Click on the logo below and have a scout around – they have maps for their upcoming voyages, and details on the spiffy science they’ll be conducting. Plus they have a blog here. Yarr, it doesn’t get more piratey than this!

Beagle Logo

Do you think they need a Captain?