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So it’s that time of the year again – National Science Week (which now spreads across the whole month) is already upon us. See what’s on in your area.

Apparently there are dinosaurs in towns across Australia, at least, virtual ones. I haven’t seen them myself, but I’ve seen similar augmented reality exhibitions and its fun technology. If you see one of these yellow symbols, and you own a smartphone, then you can do some phone magic science and hunt for dinosaurs through your phone’s camera. Sah-weeet! I’m going to hunt me some dinosaurs. I’m watching Stand By Me right now, which feels like Jurassic Park for some reason…

If, like me, you enjoy a good quiz night and have left it too late to jump on someones team at the last minute (and have no expertise in history, sport or music – but an embarrassing enthusiasm for biology and chemistry) then this might appeal. The CSIRO have a DIY quiz with questions and answers for download. You can host your own, and ensure an appropriate balance of alcohol, dips and science.

For the past few years, National Science Week have organised a citizen science project. In 2009 it was a National Star Hunt. In 2010 it was a Big Sleep Survey. This year they want to know if you are any good at multitasking. It’s a fair question. I was once a proud multitasker myself, until I read research that showed it was far less efficient than just picking one job and doing it properly. Want to help? Take the test.