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Today at the conference I ran a “birds of a feather” networking session on starting a science blog.

If you’ve ever thought about blogging, my recommendation is DO IT! And do it for YOU, not for an agenda. It’s a big time commitment, and usually unpaid (at least at first.) If you’re not doing something you love, you’ll stop doing it.

I love me Schooner. It’s changed since I first started blogging, but now I don’t worry about pleasing people and getting readers (though I do love me dear readers.)

I figure, if I’m interested, excited, and think something is worth sharing, chances are people out there like me will like it too. I write for me, and in doing so, write for you. If that makes sense.

Once you’ve found a passion and something you can maintain excitement about for a while, start a free account with WordPress or Blogger.

Here are my tips on Science blogging tips (pdf.)

Oh, and if you’re writing about peer reviewed stuff, I recommend Research Blogging a news aggregator for cited published work. If you’re writing for a business, try to make it personal and casual. Save the stuffy for a news page, move the fun to blogs.

I’d love to connect with other Australian science bloggers. If you’re just starting out, e-mail me a link to your new blog at [email protected] or tweet me @CaptainSkellett. Leave a comment below if you have a science blog and live in Australia.