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I get confused about the time and date in the US, being a resident of Kangarooland myself. Nonetheless, I have it on good Twitteriffic authority that Science Online 2010 has opened! It is a mysterious weekend where science bloggers unite and discuss… well… science blogging. Mostly.

Yeah, I wish I was there, it would be awesome to meet my RSS feeds in person. Being on the other side of the world, however, does include a hefty pricetag to attend events in the US, and seeing as my blog doesn’t make $2,000 (or, indeed, any money at all) I couldn’t justify it. Plus I would have had to start sailing ages ago.

Maybe next year you could all come to Australia!

Anyway, I’m keeping in touch with all the action via the wiki, Twitter (#scio10), and U Stream once I figure out how to work it.

Other big news: Open Lab 2009 has announced the finalists – the best science posts of the year to be included in a book. Congrats to everyone who made it, there are some awesome posts in there. My favourite is Blood and brains – can vampires survive a zombie apocalypse? by Southern Fried Science. There’s just something about zombies.