A recipe for eggnog, and notes on the spice-drug nutmeg

Written by: Captain Skellett // November 30th, 2009 // Drugs, Just for Fun, Science at Home


Arr, it be that time of the year when all the good cabin boys hang their stockings off the mainsail and cook gets busy making eggnog.

My harbour is in Australia, so eggnog is not a favourite of mine. The rich, milkiness of the drink is ill-suited for the hot Yuletides we experience, and a glass of ice-cold fermented grape is better suited for the clime.

All the same, eggnog is TRADITION, and is a particularly piratey tradition when you make it with RUM! Here be a recipe for the delicious December drink, made piratey by your Captain but sourced from yon landlubber website.

6 eggs (parrot)
2.5 cups whipping cream
2 cups whole milk (powdered variety easiest for storage)
1 cup caster sugar
0.5 cup dark rum
0.5 cup brandy (substitute with more rum if you can)
0.5 teaspoon vanilla extract
0.5 teaspoon nutmeg, freshly grated

Beat the eggs until frothy (the eggs, not your mouth), add sugar and beat, sprinkle in nutmeg and vanilla and beat, add in the whipped cream slowly while beating, add the grog and beat. Chill for an hour belowdecks and serve cold to your shipmates.

Beating is the best way to mix ingredients as it lets out your inner anger and anguish which otherwise may turn rancid and make you bitter inside. If Ahab had made eggnog during his voyage on the Pequod it is likely that the events leading to his death would never have occurred, and he would be living to this day a happy one-legged individual. Beating also gives you most excellent biceps that will strike fear into the hearts of your enemies.

Ye may notice a certain buzz upon drinking your concoction, which ye may blame on the rum (you DID add extra rum, right? Don’t stop at a measly half a cup.) Well ye are most likely right, but all the same, did ye know nutmeg can be a drug? That’s right, melange is not the only spice-drug. Nutmeg be a creepy looking thing, a seed wrapped tightly by bright red tentacles of another spice called mace.

Nutmeg and Mace

Nutmeg is in certain doses hallucinogenic. The effects, by all accounts, are not enjoyable. You see, nutmeg contains myristicin, which is a weak monoamine oxidase inhibitor – you may be familiar with that term as a class of antidepressant. In high doses (of a couple of tablespoons) nutmeg can cause hallucinations and euphoria, but before you go reaching for that spice rack let me tell you of the side-effects, including nausea, bloodshot eyes, dry mouth, anxiety, convulsions and palpitations. Plus it kicks in after three hours (making it a likely candidate for a this-isn’t-working-try-more overdose) and lasts for about five hours. Plus the bragging rights are non-existent. “Oh dude, I did like two tablespoons of nutmeg this weekend!” HARDCORE!

All things considered, I’ll be sticking to my rum-filled eggnog, and adding spice-drug just for flavour. This one’s to yer health.

Captain Skellett

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5 Responses to “A recipe for eggnog, and notes on the spice-drug nutmeg”

  1. Lab Rat says:

    Mmmmm…eggnogg. Second only in desert-drink awesomeness to Custibu (malibu and custard).

    ““Oh dude, I did like two tablespoons of nutmeg this weekend!”” … I actually really want to say that to someone now. Just because XD

    Good luck in OpenLab btw! This year is the first time I’ve entered so I have no idea how long the judging takes but I am way excited about it.

    Captain Skellett Reply:

    Custibu… that is one WRONG sounding name.

    Good luck to you too, I think Sci from Neurotopia and Ed from Not Exactly Rocket Science are judging, so hopefully they will keep us updated.

  2. […] be hallucinogenic in large enough doses! As a teetotaller, I don’t recommend the recipe but this was an interesting […]

  3. JhonH says:

    Ya so I decided to try this last night (its 9:45 today) and I am still messed up. getting high on nutmeg is a terrible idea! I was puking my brains, lost all mobile skills, could hardly speak it was soooo bad. I would advise everyone to pass on this one. Its a terrible idea.

  4. Mars Pacala says:

    scientist that talks pirate
    i like your website. keep it up.

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