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Can you really call them “new” species, when they have been extinct for millions years? Perhaps a better title would be “Found – Three Previously Unidentified Species of Australian Dinosaurs”… but new sounds catchier.

Anyhoo, being an Australian girl I was pretty chuffed to hear that some new dinosaur fossils have been uncovered in Queensland, the first newly identified species since 1980 when they discovered Minmi and, one of my personal favourites, Muttaburrasaurus (it’s fun to say!)

Here they are in all their artistically rendered glory:

Matilda, Clancy and Banjo

Allow me to introduce you to Clancy

"Clancy" Wintonotitan wattsi

Clancy enjoys walks in the park or “outback” as we like to call it, and eating plants. His best feature is his long and sexy neck, far superior to that of Matilda.

"Matilda" Diamantinasaurus matildae

Matilda looks great for her age, and is the best preserved sauropod ever found in Australia (she gives the credit to her moisturiser, but seriously, have you seen her skin? Fuggles.) She enjoys taking dangerously long swims in billabongs with Banjo.

"Banjo" Australovenator wintonensis

Hailed as “Australia’s answer to the velociraptor,” Banjo likes to eat the silhouettes of young women with GREAT legs.

Le Science Paper is here if you would like to read further. This discovery is so exciting they should make a sitcom about it – two sauropods, a carnivore and the dried out billabong they died in. Now THAT’S catchy!