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T-shirtArr, it be talk like a pirate day, that most noble of holidays!

Would ye like to know how to talk like a true buccaneer? Click through for a dictionary of piratitude! Here be me favourites:

Barkeep! Grog!
Barkeep! More grog!

That’s all ye need know. Enough grog and ye’ll be talkin’ pirate like ye were born to it!

If ye are still in dire need of help, ye might be needin’ this instructional video. Remember, man is cap’n, salty dog or jim lad. Woman is wench, and can be described as buxom, saucy or foul depending on temperament.

‘Course the exception is meself who, though a wench, must be addressed as Captain or ye’ll walk the plank!

Events around the globe are listed here, though more can be found through ye olde Google. Last year I was in bonny Adelaide and raised hell at the Gov. They be havin’ another event this year and I recommend it heartily!

Post a comment ye salty sea dogs and beauteous wenches, and tell what ye have in store for the day!