Rap with Constant Volume, Pressure or Temperature

Written by: Captain Skellett // September 11th, 2009 // Just for Fun

Ah, the gas equation. I love it, I really do, I don’t care if it’s nerdy and not as piratey as admitting I like large hats and scuffed wooden decks, peglegs, eyepatches and long socks. The gas equation is elegant. It’s informative. It’s sexy. Not only a helpful formula if you’re stuck in an airtight room, it constructs the three ideal gas laws, Boyles Law, Charles Law, and the Pressure Law, and it describes how volume, pressure, and temperature influence each other.

But none have done with the gas equation what these two guys have done. And hell, hats off to them because its funny as, and sciencey to boot! Allow me to present two guys rapping the Ideal Gas Equation.


Captain Skellett

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