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It’s the new craze hitting the US!

Pirate Chai

Pirate’s Chai is a spicy version of the Chai Latte, made with green tea powder called Matcha, Ayurvedic Chai spice extracts and Muscavado cane sugar, it’s super healthy and low in sugar. People are raving about it.

I’m a massive fan of the Chai Latte, it tastes like love and makes me feel so relaxed… Now I hear it comes in PIRATE, not to mention GREEN – my favourite colour! I really really really want some! Not sure if they ship to Australia though 🙁 Pirate’s Chai People, please ship to Australia. Also, update your website design, it looks boring and your twitter page is much prettier.

UPDATE: They say they CAN ship to Australia, and the postage is about $12. Methinks I can afford that!