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Even though exciting things are happening in science, such as slime moulds being used to design railway systems, I have been otherwise occupied. What has harnessed most of my attention of late is my imminent move interstate.

Pirates have a certain inclination to horde treasure, and as such my cupboards are filled with nifty trinkets and almost empty boxes of crackers. No joke, I once had people over for dinner and out of the three boxes of Jatz on the counter, one was a quarter full, one was completely empty and the other had one cracker left. This measly appetizer was followed by a salad graced with a single olive – all I had left in the jar. My kitchen is full of stuff like this. Not cool.

Right now I have seventeen boxes sprawled about, the hallway has become an obstacle course and every single toe on my foot has been stubbed. Thank the stars my other leg is wood. I feel as uncomfortable as this little gingerbread guy looks.

Though the packing is painful, I’m heaps excited about the reason for the move – I’ve been accepted into a course to study Science Communication for the year. Having a chance to do science stuff full time will be in-freaking-credible.

So exciting times ahead! Expect a higher caliber of science posts this year, but until I get a bit more settled in they might be irregular and rushed. It depends on when I get me mitts on some internets. See, I was going to buy a macbook pro before I left, but I’m waiting in hope for them to unveil a new model in their next unveiling day thing, which I heard was tomorrow.

Exciting times ahead! Now where’s that packing tape… dammit all I need a nap.