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I’ve been thinking about New Years Resolutions a lot recently. For 2009 I stopped drinking Coke, giving up a 15 year addiction to the black fizz. What to do for 2010? Stop pillaging? Stop hijacking ships? Stop using the plank as a teaching tool? No, it has to be something ACHIEVABLE. And 2010 is the year of the pirate (who’s with me? Give me an ARR!)

2010 is shaping up to be a big year for me with lots of new things on the horizon, perhaps my resolution should be to keep an open mind and try everything, embrace the experience and live in the now! Then again I think a REAL resolution would be more effective than some wishy-washy vague hippy crap.

So I’ll cut to the chase. My resolution is this blog. I’m going to get it a sexy new design, more content than ever before, and more video blogging. The Schooner of Science will sail four sheets to the wind, full to the brim and overflowing with awesome!

Happy New Years ye fellow pirates, raise your carbonated ethanol-based drinks with me and cheers to 2010!