Halloween 09

Written by: Captain Skellett // November 1st, 2009 // Jibber Jabber


What did you do last night, on Halloween? Me, I tricked out my house spooky-style and dressed as a mad scientist. I also wrote in some books about human experiments and covered them with fake blood a la Myst. It was a heaps good night, complete with spooky ghosts, witches, pirates and fairies, green, black and strobe lights, lethal punch and a barbecue. Here be some pics.

Jack o Lanterns Melon Style
Jack o’ Lanterns made of Watermelon and Rockmelon

Bathroom Murder
My Bathroom Murder Scene – Blood Bath, Bloody Towel, Blood Splattered Drains…

Microwave a la Idle Hands

Torso on a Table
A Torso on a Table, Victim of the Bathroom Murder

I woke up sans hangover, which was a pleasant surprise, and watched Dawn of the Dead. Such a good movie. I borrowed Village of the Damned as well (aka The Midwich Cuckoos), but that movie creeped me out so much as a kid I couldn’t bring myself to watch it. Something about freaky girls like in The Ring and Orphan really terrifies me. A girl looking slightly mental is much scarier than a psycho with an axe, why is that? I also woke up with a massive bruise on my knee – I swear, every single time I get drunk I wake up with bruises, it’s not cool. Does anyone else have that problem?

Captain Skellett

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