Giant Sunflowers and Massive Pumpkins

Written by: Captain Skellett // December 29th, 2009 // Jibber Jabber, Just for Fun

The giant sunflower. It can get as big as 20 feet / 8 meters high, that’s bigger than a giraffe! Varieties include Sunzilla and Mammoth.

There’s no science here, it’s just awesome – heard about it yesterday playing a game called BS, here’s a sample. Can a type of antelope can sleep underwater? Aye! Sitatunga be their name, and they keep their nostrils in the air. Can a moose sneeze kill a man? Nope, complete BS. Great game.

And for your further enjoyment, behold the giant pumpkin, most powerful of all the pumpkins!

What is it with people and giant stuff? I don’t grow giant stuff, mlia.

Captain Skellett

I be Captain Skellett. Me blog started in April 2009 when I was working full time and didn’t get a chance to talk science. Now I have changed jobs and talk science all the time, but that doesn’t stop me blogging. More About Captain Skellett   Google


2 Responses to “Giant Sunflowers and Massive Pumpkins”

  1. gemgem says:

    so yesterday i was watching day of the triffods on tv, and then today i come to your website and theres a picture of a giant flower/plant thing. freaky!

    does the giant pumpkin have a normal sized pumpkin in his mouth?

    Captain Skellett Reply:

    Ooh, freaky! Day of the Triffids is awesome! Aye, ye be correct about the giant pumpkin – guess all that growing made it hungry FOR BRAINS!

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