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Today’s question is: how to look hot in the lab while still staying true to your own personal pirate beliefs (which are assumed to be strong and full of ARR!!!). Here’s my tips:

1. Lab coat – either white and figure-hugging like Cameron from House (how does she DO that?) or dark and ridiculously sexy like Johnny Depp in Pirates.
2. Lab glasses – optional. If you lose an eye it only makes you look more piratey.
3. Footwear – boots, you definitely want closed toe shoes for safety reasons, and boots are pretty kick-ass.
4. Pants – something to set off your sea legs… possibly pantaloons.
5. Accessories – try to jazz up your look with a pair of molecular earrings, skull and cross bones motifs on your nails and lab coat, or a giant captains hat.

But honestly – there’s too much emphasis nowadays on looking good and being attractive. Who cares what you look like in teh lab, the chemicals won’t see you, and your peers will probably be more like this guy from Explosm:

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So take your mind off your looks and check out the Ebola virus, ‘cos there’s nothing like thinking about flesh-eating infections to make you appreciate the small stuff.

Here’s a video about Ebola with groovy music
Here’s the WHO infosheet about Ebola
Here’s an interesting article about a potential new vaccine discovered a couple of months ago

Next week – Stem Cells!