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The Particle Zoo – Gift Idea for a Physicist

// December 10th, 2009 // 1 Comment » // Just for Fun, Science Art

I came across this cool gift for a physicist, or anyone, because they are totally geeky and super cute.


The Particle Zoo have soft quarks, leptons, nucleons, and theoreticals like the Higgs Boson and the Tachyon (which in the X-Files made time-travel possible!). PLUS they have the same range in antiparticles, which are kept on a seperate page to prevent mutual annihilation. They also have a pack for beta decay with a neutron that turns inside out to reveal a proton, and releases an electron, an electron anti-neutrino and a W-Boson.

It’s the attention to detail that really gets me, they are all weighted according to the particle weight, they all have neat stuff, like the W-boson is two sided, one positive (W+) and one negative (W-). For Christmas you can get mini-versions on ribbon as Christmas Decorations – nothing says I’m a massive physics geek than a Christmas tree spotted with quarks.

I think I’ve learned more about particle physics by searching this site than I did after year 12 physics. That wouldn’t be hard though.

Gift Ideas for a Chemist or Chemistry Grad

// December 6th, 2009 // 1 Comment » // Just for Fun, Science Art

Chemistry is a most excellent discipline full of colourful chemicals, of peering into a world of unknown forces, and of creating new materials that have never before existed ever. To show the chemist in your life how much you appreciate their saving the world on your behalf (yes, Chemists are superheroes. You didn’t know?) here are some chemical gift ideas.

Wines of Substance
Merlot Wine for Chemists
Not only is their website super sexy, they have very handsome bottles of wine to boot. I would be buying these for my old highschool chem teacher who first got me excited about science, but they don’t ship to Aus. If you’re in the US, these are made in Washington. Maybe you could send me some!

Little Chemistry Man Made of Metal

Chemical Engineer Man
Technically he’s a chemical engineer, but look at him mixing metal stuffs and chugging away at his comp. This would be the perfect present for someone in metal chem, or who works with metal catalysts a lot.

Beaker Mug
Beaker Mug
Caffeine… Is there anything we need more on a long night in teh lab? The only trouble with this is you may end up ingesting your latest experiment by accident. The same site has cool salt and pepper shakers with chemical signs on them.

Dr Karl’s Fact or Fishy Boardgame
Fact or Fishy
The science version of Fact or Crap. The question-master reads out a statement like “Bacteria have no sense of smell” and you have to decide if it’s Fact or Fishy (It’s Fishy, all living things have a system to sniff out molecules in the environment to find food or threats.) You play for tokens, and the game ends when you’ve used them all up. It’s totally THE BEST SCIENCE GAME EVER! I played it with a bunch of other Science Communicators at the RiAus and it was a blast, and I’ve got it at home as well. It’s most fun to play with other scientists, because you get really into answering as fast as possible and complaining about the phrasing and the level of scientific rigorousness. The bad news is that it’s only in Australia so far (you can get them at toy stores and some bookstores in the science section), but if you Direct Message Dr Karl on Twitter he might could airmail you one. Or you can e-mail me (Requests click here), and I’ll see what I can do to get you a copy.

Molecular Jewelry
I’ve posted on the awesome jewelry of Molecular Muse before, but if you STILL haven’t bought yourself or someone near you a serotonin necklace or a dopamine pair of earrings you’re letting down the team. The Molecular Muse also does an endorphin choker, caffeine necklace, capsaicin (chili) necklace, theobromine (chocolate) earrings, zingerone (ginger) necklaces, DNA earrings… the list goes on! Great for someone who’s into natural product extractions or biologically significant molecules. Her full range is here.

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If you’ve got something to add, post a comment!

Gift Ideas for a Microbiologist or Pathologist

// November 20th, 2009 // 5 Comments » // Just for Fun, Science Art

Christmas is coming up (freak out!) so here are some funky gift ideas for someone obsessed with bacteria, a microbiologist, pathologist, or anyone interested in science and medicine.

Giant Microbes make a crazy selection of bacteria, viruses and human cells in soft plushy goodness. I’m a sucker for teh cute and fluffies! They’ve just released six new products, including yoghurt, bird flu and this platelet cell.

Platelet Toy

Swine flu is also available which might be a good (or annoying) get well soon present. Nothing says “I care” like a big cuddly version of the virus making you feel like crap. They also have little ones packaged in a petri dish for some of the fancier viruses, like Hepatitis C and Tuberculosis.

Or how about a cheesy shirt, cap or cup from Cafe Press? Check out this bacteria-inspired wall clock.

Bacteria clock

Or a book about microbiology like this one I blogged about here. Small Wonders was written by a microbiologist, and is full of the amazing things bacterias do told with utmost humour. You can by it on Amazon.


Or a new lab coat with added sexy. Check out this one by buffalonerdproject OMG OMG OMG it has the SKULL AND CROSSBONES!

Lab Coat

It’s only $50 US and you can buy it here. It’s pretty awesome. She also make a bacteria style tie called Mr. Euglena. SO cool! She combines science with sewing and has plenty of other unique creations.

Bacteria Tie

I should totally jazz up my old lab coat pirate-style.

This Paramecium Felt Keychain is pretty amazing. The same etsy store makes magnets, brooches and all sorts. Check out this microscope and beaker magnet set while you’re there.

If you have any other ideas for Christmas gifts, post them in the comments.

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