Shout out to the physicisits in da house

Written by: Captain Skellett // November 29th, 2009 // How Things Work, Just for Fun

Not for the first time I am posting a rap video. Rap is apparently the best genre of musical art for scientific communication, perhaps because it can handle an excess of long words.

This one is about the Large Hadron Collider, and it is catchy-as! Sadly I am not physics-minded, so I’m still a bit befuzzled about the whole thing.

Nothing like a good rap to wake you up in the morning. It’s definitely better than a kick in the head.

Captain Skellett

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2 Responses to “Shout out to the physicisits in da house”

  1. The LHC rap is famous. Is it making the rounds again with the startup of the LHC again? Isn’ she great?

    It is catchy. But I agree, its explanatory power isn’t what it could be.

    Basically, the LHC is colliding particles (protons, which are a type of hadron), smashing them. The energy of that collision creates a bunch of other particles (E=mc squared… so the mass of the things created is related to the energy of the collision). They think the Higgs boson is a heavy particle, so that’s why they’re trying to smash things at high energies. This is part of the mystery of dark matter, since the Higgs is responsible for mass. Sort of. It’s complicated. I hate particle physics.

    Captain Skellett Reply:

    Me too :S

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