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The Schooner of Science is all about making science fun – and what could be more fun than a Chemistry Party!

Well, this video is a little old, but if you haven’t seen it yet it’s worth a look. It’s fun and it makes you think.


If I only had more science-obsessed friends, I could have a party like this of my very own. Everyone could dress up like atoms (or molecules even) and get into character for the night, Potassium could be all hydrophobic and stuff, and benzene could be all cool and keep telling everyone how they have partial double bonds which are SO much more stable than you would think they are. It would be awesome. Also it would be a great excuse to make up some cocktails and shots (I’m thinking “the electron”, which could be lit on fire for added awesome), and ALSO we could SERVE those drinks in conical flasks and test tubes. How cool would that be? And we could have balloons in bunches of three to symbolise water molecules! And we could print fun science facts on napkins, and play pin the localised charge on the ion, and play “pass the salt” where you have to match ions together with the correct charge to make a salt, and…

I may have thought about this too much.

Ahh… why do none of my friends get excited by this stuff? Think I should do it anyway?