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This is not the greatest post in the world. This is just a tribute. To The Beast.

Yes, The Beast. I watched it as a young lass when it aired on TV, and now it is lost in the depths of VHS technology and lives only in my sadly dimming memory.

Did ye ever see it? ‘Twas about a mighty squid, a HUGE squid which took out boats and ate people and had teeth in the middle of its suckers and left a smell of ammonium where it struck. It terrorised a coastal town much the same way as Jaws did, but with more tentacles, and then they tried to kill it by bombing the ocean and a giant squid floated up and they said “HOORAH! TAKE THAT NATURE!” but it was only a BABY squid and man was momma pissed off.

Good Gravy in a Gravy Boat that was an awesome movie! I heart that movie with all my love, it needs to come out on DVD in full-length gory glory so I can watch it over and again. Until that time, we will have to sate ourselves with the real deal. Behold a short video of a giant squid.

But wait, they actually make them even bigger – it’s called the Colossal Squid, and a specimen was only just caught in 2007, in the Ross Sea of Antartica by San Aspiring. “Honey, I caught a squid today. It was THIS BIG!”

MAN I WANT TO BE ON A PIRATE SHIP HUNTING SQUID RIGHT NOW! Colossal Squid are totally the new White Whale this season. Hat tip to The Artful Amoeba.