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New MolBio Carnival is up!

// December 7th, 2010 // Comments Off on New MolBio Carnival is up! // Jibber Jabber, Science Communication

Ahoy there,

A quick note to send you over to me good mate Lab Rat, who blogs regularly about the amazing world of microorganisms and provides insights into life as a lab rat. She’s the host for the latest MolBio Carnival, a collection of the best blogs on molecular biology about.

I’m honoured to have been included on the list, although I blogged about something a little bit bigger (the marsupial joeys of the last post.)

Check it out here, and enjoy the picture at the bottom!

Gift ideas for a biochemist, medical scientist or neuroscientist

// December 2nd, 2010 // Comments Off on Gift ideas for a biochemist, medical scientist or neuroscientist // Jibber Jabber, Science Art

Get a pair of double helix earrings or a neuron necklace. Each piece began as a sketch, then was modeled digitally, and finally cut with a laser beam.

These gorgeous creations are courtesy of Morphologica, a Sydney-based scientist completing a PhD in neuroscience.

More brain style jewelry from etsy: Funky anatomy style jewelry here – mostly pictures printed on plastic. Proper plastic models, brightly coloured and very cool brain earrings. Simple, stylized, silver neurons.

These happy anatomy magnets are incredibly cute, and would probably make you feel happier every time you walked past your fridge. $10 is a good deal, and they ship to the US & Canada (but worth a shot getting international shipping if you live elsewhere like me.) I also like this hotdog wielding anglerfish. Not exactly sciencey, but undeniably awesome.

There is no better way to say “you’re the best dang neuroscientist I know” than to give someone a brain in a jar. This one is green because it’s A ZOMBIE BRAIN IN A JAR!!! Awesome. They also come in pink.

And as decorations for a truly terrific tree. I’ll stop with the excessive linking, you should just check out the Your Organ Grinder etsy shop.

There’s heaps of handmade anatomy including lungs, hearts, ovaries, livers, kidneys, testicles. Ships worldwide.

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Talk like a pirate day coming soon! Prepare yerself.

// August 30th, 2010 // Comments Off on Talk like a pirate day coming soon! Prepare yerself. // Jibber Jabber

Ahoy there!

Just a quick reminder that the most important day in the year is coming up – Talk like a Pirate Day! It’s on September 19, which this year is a Sunday. ‘Tis an excellent day for some serious pirate frivolity, particularly in a drinking-in-the-backyard setting. Start planning yer party now!

National Science Week

// August 16th, 2010 // Comments Off on National Science Week // Jibber Jabber

Just a quick one to say that National Science Week has officially started. If you’re in Australia, there’s tons of awesome science shows and stuff to do this week. Post a comment if you know of something particularly incredible that’s happening.

I’m in Parkes, NSW (home of the Dish) at the moment, so I’m missing out on most of it. I’m feeling pretty FOMO actually. FOMO is a great adjective, isn’t it. Start using it too and maybe it will really take off.

Big Blog Theory announced – Second place in best Australian blogger!

// August 1st, 2010 // Comments Off on Big Blog Theory announced – Second place in best Australian blogger! // Jibber Jabber

A somewhat belated announcement – A Schooner of Science was awarded second place in The Big Blog Theory, sharing the runner up position with Mr Science Show. Huzzah!

Congratulations to the winner, Bec from Save Your Breath for Running Ponies. The blog has a really interesting writing style, a bit like a novel with characters and dialogue. I’m looking forward to seeing her coverage of National Science Week.

Thank ye to all who voted for me, I’m honoured to be Australia’s equal-second-best science blogger and I couldn’t have done it without your support. Let’s dance a merry jig about my ship and down a mug o’ rum in celebration!

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